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September Stitch Fix

September Stitch Fix


I just got my September Stitch Fix!!  This one was as good as the one I had one year ago, which was my last one that I purchased .And what is great …..And what is great, they sent things that match previous fixes!!!!

I actually have had the entire time the same stylist Shayna has been fabulous and getting what I like in my style. I’ve pinned a lot of things on Pinterest and she pays attention .

I’ll start by showing you some of the stitch fix items along with the style cards they send with it


So, item number one ….


These are some very comfy joggers.  On a day off of not doing much of anything, I love to throw on a pair of joggers and a really cute T-shirt. You don’t get more comfortable than a pair of knit joggers. As you can see here they have styled it in a variety of options with a bodysuit and canvas Tennies along with a jacket or a sleeveless top and a denim jacket nice way to pair it up with just about anything

Price $ 44.00

2.  So I did ask for something purple, it’s not a color that I have much of in my closet… But I feel like it’s a color that I look pretty good in with my skin tone this is kind of a medium shade of purple that could go with lighter colored denim gray black white and I can certainly add some beautiful scarves to it


It’s a cold shoulder style which I actually love and don’t have many of them in a short sleeve it’s a good transitional item into fall

Price $ 28.00 great price

3. Next up…I had asked for a bell sleeve top and possibly a floral or a purple, and Shaina was able to fix me up with a nice one in shades of pink and blue I’ve got some wonderful skinny pink denim that will  go great with this adorable top. It’s not a long length such as a tunic it’s a little bit shorter which would actually show off a waist line with some higher waist denim



Price $ 44.00

okay now for 4 and 5

These are both great tops,  however, I really wanted them in the next size up . I was sent an extra large and since they were both a button front ,when I put them on I saw a little bit of gapping on the chest. So I asked for a slightly longer check out date and was able to secure an XXL and I feel that’s the size I will need I just don’t feel very good with any gapping on a button front blouse I know you understand how I feel.  All I have to do is put them in the prepaid mailer send them back and they will send my replacements for the size I need that is pretty fabulous

4. This is a beautiful mustard plaid tunic top. I had asked for something in the gold or mustard tone, and Shaina delivered! I cannot wait to wear this with some black leggings or black denim with some boots it is a perfect fall outfit to throw a cardigan on overtop for those chilly days!!


And I have a great vest to wear with us to and in all of anorak jacket can’t wait for my fall vacation to wear this one

Price $ 44.00

Number five absolutely has to be my favorite overall. I had asked for something and a cranberry or wine color. This one is a very different button up tie front blouse oh my goodness, I can wear this with so many things different times of the year . It is a cream dot pattern on cranberry background.  I can wear this with black white light denim gray just about anything and I have lots of cute necklaces to match!!


Look how adorable that is !!

Price $ 42.00

So you know when you get your Stitch Fix box, And before you open it, you think, Gee, I hope I like or five things because I know I’m going to get that awesome discount if I keep everything. Well it was my lucky day, I opened it and could tell it was going to be good!!! The color was awesome. I was hoping I would love it all . And I did!!!

I can’t wait to try it all on and post pics of them !!!

You can see my savings pictured below. I think with the credit I had along with the purchase all five items, a great price overall . Five items for $140

I just love it


It you want to try it too here is my link to try!!!







I am currently on my 3rd Stitch Fix box. It is like Christmas when you get something in th email, you have no idea what will be in the box……surprise, I love all of it!

I have been receiving Stitch Fix for a while now, I absolutely LOVE Stitch Fix! Stitch Fix is a fashion retailer that allows you to try on clothes in your home! How it works is: you first sign up and fill out your style profile, you then schedule your first “Fix” which is $20, and a stylist will send you 5 clothing items based on your style profile & Pinterest board. You try on the clothes from the comfort of your home, buy what you like and send back what you do not like.

Most of my closet consists of clothes that I have bought as separate pieces! Stitch Fix really sent me some awesome stuff previously! There is usually something in my Fix that really isn’t my style, but most of it is spot on! I have only sent back two things! I keep it all and I get 25% off the total!! WIN WIN!! What finally made me sign up is the fact that you do not have to receive a “fix” automatically.  You can choose when you would like to receive one.


I have created a Pinterest board too, so my personal stylist can see what trends I really love. I can save photos from Pinterest or from Stitch Fix or the web and post them for review. I love the app too! I can see updates on referrals I have sent to friends, so they can try my new addiction too!!

Check out some of these style fixes from my collection. The boots came in my first Fix , I have already found lots of items to pair them with in my closet.

Here are some collections from assorted fixes they have available. I like this because you can choose your own style, items you like to try, certain colors and accessories too! I work in retail management and have little time to shop. And, on my days off, I like to dress other than my normal day to day wear at work.

The fit of the bottoms have been absolutely perfect for my figure too. LOng enough, fit the hips and waist as well.

This gives me an opportunity to try different styles and colors I may not normally try at any store.

And guess what guys? You can try it too. Select the styles you like with the fit you want.


I admit, I was unsure at first. I showed my husband what the items were in the box, he loved them too. I had lots of other pieces that would easily coordinate such as scarves or bottoms.

I can’t wait to post my next pics of what I receive during my birthday week!! You can schedule auto fixes or manage them to receive the box exactly when you want. It makes it so easy!!!

Get started with Stitch Fix. Sign up and I will get a referral toward my next ourchase. Sign up your friends and you will too!!! 

Here’s how it all works!

By now I am sure everyone knows how Stitch Fix works.. if not here is a quick run down (skip this is you already know)

    • Sign up using my referral link (I receive a small commission for anyone that schedules a fix using my link)
    • Set up your style profile, including likes and dislikes, measurements and a link to your pinterest board
    • Schedule your first fix (your $20.00 styling fee is charged before it ships)!
    • Try on the 5 pieces you have been sent in the comfort of your home
    • Keep what you want, send back what you do not want in the prepaid envelope
    • Check out using the super easy Stitch Fix App or on the website
    • **BONUS- if you keep all 5 items you get to  take 25% off your order
    • **Bonus- you can deduct your $20.00 styling fee off your order as well!
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