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Avon has a Legacy of empowering women for over 128 years. From moms-on-the-go to aspiring CEOs, Avon continues to evolve to meet the needs of a changing world by offering women a flexible earning opportunity via in-person, online and mobile-to-mobile beauty sales. Championing women through beauty and financial independence, Avon is the largest global network of women on earth.


How much money can you make selling Avon? There is no direct answer to that question. However, you can make money several different ways.


The top reasons to be an Avon rep online…I love selling online, little effort on your part, and a return customer!! Visit my store too , you can view allthe new products!!

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  • Customers would no longer feel stranded
  • Ever lose a Customer because she moved away? Now you can still sell to her even if she is far away!
  • Customers would have unlimited access to AVON
  • They can shop with you at their convenience 24/7
  • Customers have more flexibility and choice in shopping and delivery options
  • With the gas crunch these days, it is a great opportunity to give Customers the option to have their order shipped directly to their house!
  • Representatives have more flexibility to manage their own time
  • Great online tools, such as Customer invoices and an address book, saves time and effort so that you can be more efficient
  • Enhanced targeted communication through forwardable emails
  • Your online address book and professional email templates will allow you to send emails to a targeted group of Customers.
  • Easy to use interactive tools that allow you to engage customers in new ways!
  • Start writing your own blog for customers to get to know you or add a badge or storefront to your Facebook page to reach new customers!
  • Incremental recruitment opportunities
  • Send prospective Representatives to the “Representative Opportunity” page of your personalized Web site and build your Downline!
  • Representatives have personalized online stores
  • You are given a professionally merchandised Online store, personalized with your photo (if you so choose) and contact information.
  • Representatives can go on vacation and still make money
  • Your Online store is always accessible so even when you are sitting on the beach or camping in the mountains, you are still open for business!
  • Where else can you make money in your sleep!

Sales through direct customer contact.

This is contacting friends, neighbors, relatives, people in churches, community clubs, organizations and businesses. Also, hosting events at homes or ladies clubs/events. This way you can get the word out to everyone about your business, and how they can start their own Avon business.

Tips for selling

Call EVERY Customer a few days after you deliver a brochure
Set a goal to conduct one Avon party every campaign. Reward the host
Invite your customer to have a friend over when you are there
Have an open house and have all your customers bring a friend
Every weekday, give a brochure to 2 prospective Customers
Leave extra brochures with your existing CustomersAsk them to give it to a friend or family member who may be interested in buying from the brochure.
Add a personalized note highlighting a favorite product of your Customersi.e. “The (product) is one that most of my Customers love! This special offer makes it the perfect time to try it!”
Make a brochure “flag”Use Post-Its or fold the pages that you think might attract a new Customer,
Don’t forget to add your email address and/or eRepresentative URL on the brochure – some Customers may prefer to shop your eRepresentative Online Store.
Buy samples for your customers to try new products – Sampling is a great way to introduce your Customers to Avon’s products, so make sure to stock up on samples.
Sample, Service and Show – be sure to practice these simple tips and you’ll see your sales and earnings skyrocket!

Sales Leadership

This is signing up Avon reps to be on your team, in what we call a “ downline” . You make earnings based on the selling success. You can get earnings from their sales as well as their sales. What better way to spread the word about Avon? Use code PattyBlack to join now.

Fundraising with Avon is a way not only to gain new customers, friends and contacts, but, a great way to help out with a cause. Avon fundraiser brochures are sure to help with this venture.

You can help all non profit groups,, schools, charities and organizations. You will feel great earning money and helping out for good reasons, bonding with the community!!

There is no clear answer as to help you decide, ” how much money can you make selling Avon” but, the rewards can be great if you just begin! Use code PattyBlack to sign up now.


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I had a goal set when I first started, of achieving really great sales. I wanted to get 2-3 new customers a week as well. I can proudly say, as of Campaign 26, I MADE PRESIDENT”S CLUB!!!  My customers are awesome, and I have really attained many solid online customers too! I have gained customers from all over the US by reaching out from my blog, Facebook and Twitter. It only takes a little effort and a lot of brochures to get what you need.

You can set goals and achieve and deliver them in direct sales. I love what I do!!!

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What Makes SKINVINCIBLE Different

Avon Skinvincible has an SPF of 50 and actulay repairs the damage done to skin.

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AVON New Makeup Collection


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AVON New Makeup Collection


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Also, if you use EBATES, you can additionally, receive 3.5% cash back.

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The newest mascara, Avon Mega Effects

The newest mascara, Avon Mega Effects







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