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My Stitch Fix Cards

Sitch Fix Cards

I wanted to show everyone all the great items I have received through my Stitch Fix subscription. It has allowed me to branch out in my style, which used to be a bit more on the conservative side.

I must say, all the jeans I received so far have been a pefect fit for me!


These were a great fit , but,  way too bright for me! I sent them back. I would stringly recommend them though if you are into that much color on your rear!!


The Liza colored skinny jean is great for fall or spring. I have paired with tees and sweaters.


I got these Joey Skinny jeans in a nice wasked out blue purple. I love the ankle length it it seems like a good neutral color.

My favorites so far are the Kut from the Kloth denim jacket!! LOVE IT!!!

They did a great job on the blouses too , I have loved them ALL! 

Try Stitch Fix for yourself. Click on one of my inks in the sidebar of my Blog. You can get rewarded for sharing withyour friends like I did. Free clothes! What could be better?




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