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Avon AeroVolume Mascara

How long have you searched for the perfect mascara? I have some customers who never use it, and others that use one mascara every month. They will remain nameless. We all have our own personal preferences when it come to this final touch to our makeup. My favorite mascara was recently introduced.

Aero Wand

Several months ago, Avon introduced the Mega Effects Mascara, with its’ patented brush. It was not the traditional way to apply mascara. In was so different, I had to try it. It did take some getting used to. I have some customers that have reordered it, and others who simply could not get accustomed to the new brush technique.
Well, I have finally found an Avon mascara that I love. It is the AeroVolume mascara. It is a lightweight formula that contains hollow fibers. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and clump resistant.
Read these reviews to make your own decision about this mascara, then decide for yourself.
Lighter than air it is!

Date:May 5, 2014
“Love this mascara! It’s super light-weight, but still gives great cover and swoop for a pretty lash look! I’ve had no problems with flaking or clumping. I personally always have a bit of a hard time getting mascara off (I don’t know why, I’m just special this way), but this mascara comes off easily and super clean with make-up remover! I would definitely recommend this mascara, in fact, I just sold some!”
Great Mascara

Date:April 29, 2014
“I really like this mascara. Stays on and doesn’t clump. The brush is the best. Most of Avon’s mascaras are good, the problem is the mascara brush – nothing to lift and separate and barely get any mascara on your lashes. This mascara is great and the brush is fantastic. I’ve tried several of Avon’s mascaras and this one is the best with a brush that goes through the eye lashes.”
“I just received this yesterday and have only used it twice, but I really like it so far. I chose the brown-black color and I feel like it really blends into my lashes instead of having a harsh black color. The formula is very light, I hardly feel like I have mascara on. It lengthens my lashes and adds volume. My only complainant is I have had some clumping. Upon reading reviews that others were having good luck with no clumping I had high hopes. The new wand is easy to use and it’s super easy to apply. I really like this mascara and will continue to use it. I would recommend it.”

Just a few highly satisfied customers talking about this great mascara. I feel it is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. Get the volume and lasting lashes with this mascara.
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