It is pretty cool when I recevie an online order from someone I do not even know! The power of the internet continues to amaze me. We have now been allowed to embed Google nalytics tracking into our web store. Ever since then, my online orders have tripled. Every day a new customer registers or orders. And  I see my account balance dwindle to practically nothing!!! I had a customer today that reached me though another state, it was a pleasure heping her place an order.

If you have not yet tried our True Color Technology line of makeup, you really must!! I am in lve with the eyeshadow quads. And the UCR lipsticks. It all oes on smooth and lasts all day. The lipstick is moisturizing as well as brilliant color!




I love my Avon business, and I love my customers far and wide!!

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IMG_3092And yes, this is an Avon face!!!


The hot colors of the seaspn, and we have them here at Avon!


From jewelry to clothing to all your nail colors.

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Necklace2 Necklace1 Cranberry Teal Dress1 Pants1 Shoe1 Nails2 earrings1 Brace1 ring1 Dress2 Cranberry purse Jewelry set1

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