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I am about to finalize my second campaign. The first ( C6 ) was a huge success, since it was my first one!! I was so excited to help all those new customers, and some that had shopped Avon in the past. I went to my first District Sales meeting with my up line Sueann McKnight too. Met several wonderful people, some had been in the business of Avon for more than 40 years, yes, 40!! However, I saw something new about Avon. The age of media! Public media platforms , social media as it is called, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, and few were using them. The way of a new generation? Yes, definitely. I was already on all of these with a Facebook page, a twitter account, pinterest and even a blog on a separate site. Now, I am really all over this. The more you get out there on numerous sites, the more attention you will receive.
We have the website ordering option, which is so far, new to most people who have shopped Avon. They did not know this was an option. YAY for me! I have gotten several orders for direct delivery and some whom are close I can deliver personally. I love that! And, the samples….people love samples. I have been keeping track of what samples I give to customers. And, the Flawless foundation has been a hit! I can’t wait to take some orders on this one! Getting ready to start a campaign for the Bug Guard and Sun + too, I think I will market our local walking trail/sports park for this. They have ball fields, fishing and a water park. Covers all the bases. WISH ME LUCK!!!

I am so glad I took this opportunity, work at home jobs in the past always seemed pie in the sky, NOT TRUE!!!

bugguard_en Sun plus


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